For the following listings, except for probation, first dial 330-343-6797 and then dial the extension you wish to reach.

If you are calling from a rotary phone, please dial direct at 330-343-6535.

Clerk's Office

Violations Bureau Ext. 203 or Ext. 258
Civil Division Ext. 231
Small Claims Ext. 229
Garnishment Division Ext. 211
Jury Questions Press 0 (zero)
Special Needs Ext. 232
Jury Duty - Status of Cases Press #3
General Questions Ext. 234
Fax Number 330-364-6885

Probation Department

Main Number 330-343-6880
Leslie Miller, Chief Probation Officer
Mindy Craig
Wendy Jones
Brian Mathews
Fax Number 330-602-3576

Bailiff's Office

Matt Henry, Chief Bailiff Ext. 204
Service of Writs Ext. 204

Administrative Support

Court Administrator Ext. 223

Outside of Building

New Philadelphia Prosecutor 330-364-4491 Ext. 1262
Victim Advocate Rocio Hernandez 330-364-4491 Ext. 1264
New Philadelphia Mayor 330-364-4491 Ext. 242
Dover Prosecutor 330-365-7718
Tuscarawas County Prosecutor Attorney Ryan Styer 330-365-3214
Miranda Housel, Court Navigator 330-602-4240